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T'selcéwtqen Clleqmél'ten

Ts7úllcwiye xwexwéytep! Xwexwistén-kuc e stsunmectst stémi7 r tsúwet.s r Tselcéwtqen Clleqmélten.

frontofschoolWelcome to T'selcéwtqen Clleqmél'ten, otherwise known as Chief Atahm School. We are a Secwepemc language immersion school situated on the Adams Lake Band, near Chase in the Interior of British Columbia. The school was founded in 1991 and is grounded in the belief that knowledge of the language, traditional practices and beliefs of the Secwepemc will help develop a strong and healthy community. Students will be prepared for today's world and will help protect the earth for the Tellqelmucw, "the people to come".

"We have a vision of a Secwepemc speaking community living in balance with nature"

In 1987, a small group of parents from the surrounding bands, Adams Lake Band, Neskonlith and Little Shuswap, worked together to start a Secwepemc immersion program for children from birth to five years old. This language nest was the first to start up in the province of B.C. and was inspired by the Maori Te Kohanga Reo initiative. The Secwepemc Ka Language Nest led to the development of Chief Atahm School in 1991.

The Value of K'wseltktnéws - "We are all related"

Today, hundreds of children have been immersed in the Secwepemc language and culture and have contributed to the revival of the Secwepemc language. Chief Atahm School seeks to continually improve their program with the development of and educational framework that privileges Secwepemc knowledge, language, and culture. To honour the Secwepemc value of kwseltktnéws, or "we are all related", Chief Atahm School has reached out to support other First Nations group in their quest for language survival. The school host's an annual conference, offers language teacher training institutes, and shares teaching resources and strategies with other communities.