Meet Our Guest Presenters

Adriana Ramirez

Surrey School District

Adriana Ramirez works in Canada, in the province of British Columbia as a Spanish teacher. She has been a language teacher for more than 15 years. She is a well-known CI author and presenter. Adriana has published several books with stories, as well as short novels (in Spanish and French), to teach through storytelling and comprehensible input.  She constantly presents workshops and coaches teachers on applying CI techniques in the classroom, and has presented workshops in Canada, the U.S and France.
Adriana has a YouTube Channel where you can see her in action teaching Spanish with TPRS and CI methodologies.You can follow her on tweeter @veganadri

Tony Woods

Jetpack Learning, Northern Ireland

Tony is a co-founder and CEO of Jetpack Learning. Born and raised in Belfast Northern Ireland, he is a graduate of both Ulster University and Queen’s University holding qualifications in Art and Design as well a Masters Degree in Educational Multimedia. Tony is a highly experienced digital designer and strategist, having worked in interactive design since the mid 1990’s. Prior to forming his own company, he was Design Director for Rivedeep Interactive Learning (later to become Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) in Boston Massachusetts. Tony established his first design-related company, Eyesparks in 2002 in Belfast creating websites, web applications and digital learning activities for a variety of private and public sector clients. It was as a result of delivering hundreds of HTML5 learning games in the Irish Language that Jetpack Learning was conceived. The Jetpack Learning HTML5 language games authoring platform can be used to create educational games in virtually any language. Jetpack has proven particularly attractive to minority and indigenous language educators which has seen Tony represent the company at conferences from London to Hawai’i.

JIm Cassidy

ACTFL OPI Training

Jim Cassidy, Ph.D., University of Oregon, is Professor Emeritus of Spanish at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon. Over a period of thirty years, he taught courses in Spanish language and literature, as well as language pedagogy and assessment, at Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon State University, Middlebury College Spanish School, and Southern Oregon University’s graduate program in Mexico. He also supervised the foreign language MAT program at Oregon State University, and served in study abroad programs for the Oregon State System of Higher Education. Since 1998, he has worked extensively with ACTFL as an OPI and WPT trainer, and as a consultant in new test development and other initiatives. Over the same period he has been an active tester and rater with Language Testing International, the ACTFL testing affiliate. In addition to leading over forty ACTFL workshops throughout the United States and abroad, he has conducted Peace Corps language assessment workshops in fifteen countries, and has offered a range of other teaching and assessment-related workshops for language programs at all levels.

Other Presenters

Aliana Parker

First Peoples Cultural Council

Aliana Parker is the Language Programs Manager at First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC). She works closely with community partners to coordinate language programs, develop resources and tools, and deliver training workshops.

Victoria Wells

First Peoples Cultural Council

ḥiikuus - Victoria Wells is Ehattesaht of the Nuuchahnulth. She has worked with her home community of Ehattesaht for the past 30 years in various roles. For the past ten she has been devoted to language documentation, revitalization, and learning. Her community has been slowly moving towards becoming a speaking community again, through individual, family, community, business, and leadership initiatives.

Janice E. Billy

Chief Atahm School Immersion

Janice E. Billy is an immersion teacher at Chief Atahm School. She is an active user and promoter of TPR and TPRStorytelling Language Teaching Methodologies.

Robert Matthew

Chief Atahm School Administrator

Robert will share his years of experience with planning, teaching and administrating language programs.

Sekwaw Matthew/Sarah Michel

Chief Atahm Language Nest

Two young speakers, Sekwaw and Sarah will share their experiences in working at Kye7e's House, an early childhood language immersion center

Kathryn Michel

Co-founder Chief Atahm School

Dr.Kathryn Michel has worked extensively in immersion program development including community language programming, language nests, immersion education and curriculum.

Lawrence michel

Secwepemc Elder/Storyteller

Lawrence Michel has generously shared his knowledge of the land and the stories of the Secwepemc of the Cstelenec area to generations of Chief Atahm school students.

Stacey Michel

Immersion Teacher

Chief Atahm School's kindergarten teacher with a wealth of information to share on emergent literacy in immersion.

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