Announcing the 2018 Language Conference

Chief Atahm School is excited to announce the Indigenous Languages Conference in May 11th and 12th to be held at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

We welcome people from all Nations to come together to share and learn about how to teach, promote and revitalize our languages. This year's theme is "Literacies and the Land" and will focus on classroom-based teachings and land-based teachings to awaken all of our senses.

The mountains and the rivers, the land, became alive to the people and involved in all this was return of our old stories – the legends, the myths that we had, the stsptekwle, the slexlexey'e about our people. And, as the children listen to it more and hear it, they find that these stories, and myths and legends of our people and the lessons of the old people are dynamic." (the late Joe S. Michel)