Conference Contacts

Kim Dennis: Conference Coordinator

    Kim Dennis administers all conference registrations and bookings. Contact her at or 1-250-679-8837 if you have any questions regarding our 2016 Language Conference.

Tanya Arnouse: Conference Assistant

Tanya is the assistant to our conference coordinator, Kim Dennis. Tanya or Kim will be able to answer your conference questions.


Our Chief Atahm School Elders

Verna Anthony: N/K Immersion Language Specialist

Verna Anthony lives in Switsmalph (Salmon Arm). Her caring nature and language speaking has warmed the hearts of many young children in the Language Nest for over 10 years, and more recently in the nursery/kindergarten program.

Anne Michel: Language & Curriculum Specialist

Anne Michel is the first Elder Language Teacher to teach at Chief Atahm School. With over 25 years of teaching experience she is still remembering new language to share with the children. As Secwepmctsin as her first language, she feels it is important to actively share her skills through teaching speaking, reading, and writing. She also teaches through hands-on experience and through TPR and TPR storytelling.

Lawrence Michel: Language & Culture Specialist

Lawrence Michel is an Elder Language Teacher at Chief Atahm School who has been teaching the younger generations for over 25 years. He teaches through Carpentry, Geography, TPR, Storytelling and Language Teaching. He has shared with children of all ages, from the Language Nest to Grade 9, his passion for storytelling and the land. He was awarded a Language Heroes Award from the International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages.

Toby Pena: Language Nest, N/K Language Teacher

Toby Pena currently teaches children at the Language Nest and in the Nursery to Grade 1 programs. She divides her time between being a full time grandmother and been teaching the language. She has worked at Chief Atahm School for 4 years.

Lucy Williams: Language and Curriculum Specialist

Lucy Williams is a Secwpemc Elder from Switsmellp (Glen Eden/Salmon Arm). She has been an active teacher for over 25 years. This Secwepemc elder teaches through Total Physical response (TPR) and also through reading and writing. Lucy has taught many children from Chief Atahm and also Salmon Arm West Elementary students. She is also enjoys Mentoring adult language speakers. She has taught adult language classes for over 5 years.