Language Teaching Resources

curriculumIn the spirit of K'wseltktnéws, "we are all related", Chief Atahm School would like to share with other communities their collection of language teaching resources they have developed over the years. These resources can be customized for use in any language.
Call or email Tanya at the school to find out more about our workshops and summer institutes.

Language Curriculum Resources

Check out our selection of teaching manuals, flashcards, easy pattern books, and games will help any beginning language teacher get their language classroom started. Download our catalogue and email or phone Tanya Arnouse at the school to get your custom resources started today.

Workshops and Summer Institutes

Chief Atahm School staff dedicate every other summer to help other First Nations communities learn about Total Physical Response, a language teaching approach that focuses on developing comprehension skills using action. From time to time, Chief Atahm School staff are able to travel to other communities to conduct workshops on language immersion, language nests, and teaching strategies. Please book early as these opportunities are limited since we have full-time school programming to work around. Contact the school's principal Doreen L'Hirondelle to find out more.

Site Visits

Chief Atahm School welcomes visitors to our programs, however, these visits must be planned in advance so that we do not interfere with our ongoing school programs.