T̓selcéwtqen Clleq̓mel̓ten

Vision: We have a vision of a Secwepemc-speaking community living in balance with nature

Rationale: Chief Atahm School is grounded on the belief that knowledge of the language, traditional practices and beliefs of the Secwepemc will establish and maintain a healthy and balanced living environment.  Individuals will be prepared for today’s world and help to protect the earth for tellqelmucw, the people to come, and for all living beings.

Foundational Belief

In the spirit of etsxe (vision quest), we believe that:

  • Everyone has a gift
  • The family, school, and community all have a responsibility to foster and develop each child's gift
  • An individual must train to develop their potential. It is an individual responsibility to maintain the hard work and discipline necessary for growth

5 Secwepemc Core Principles

Secwepemc Elders have shared what they view as the five core principles or values


We are all related


Help yourself


Take time for yourself


Develop wisdom


Honour the spiritual

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