Cstélen: R Tmicws-kuc

There are over 250 placenames in the area around Cstélen and Chase that have been gathered by various Chief Atahm School research projects with Cstélnec Elders. This site will highlight nine important village sites of Cstélen from Ciyúy7elt on the Adams River to Sq7em on Adams Lake and including two mountain lookouts. Elder Lawrence Michel provided the guidance and advice for selecting these sites. For each area a description is given in Secwepemctsin and an explanation of the traditional uses of the area.

Cstelen ne Secwepemculecw

Cstelen Book: 9 Sites on Adams Lake

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Land of the Cstelnec

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Nerí7 ne tmicws m-k̓úlmes t̓e stem e swúmecs. Tsyecwemnúlecwsts ri7 r tmicws. Xwexwéyt r tmicw lu7 pell yecwemínten t̓e qelmúcw.

Joe Stanley Michel

Pyin, stse7métste t̓e seséme7 "Hiuhill Provincial Park". Lecúlecw r Ciyúy7elt es cyist.s r qelmúcw nerí7. Tá7e me7 sketém t̓e snewt ell le7 r séwellkwe ell cw7it r stsektsúse7.

Lawrence Michel

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