Connecting Stories

Childhood Stories of Cstelnec Elders

The "Connecting Stories Research Project" is a collaborative, community research project, in partnership with the province-wide research initiative, "First Nations languages in the twenty-first century: looking back, looking forward", funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research. The goals of this research are to work in collaboration with Chief Atahm School, a Secwepemc immersion educational site to document language through stories told by fluent Secwepemc Elders of the Chase area in order to create language teaching resources.
The focus of the project is to record local history through the eyes of real people.  The research project focused on the collection of oral stories from 5 Secwepemc Elders, with the data to be subsequently used to develop online, and classroom language curriculum, for use in a Secwepemc immersion setting, which will also be shared with the local community, and Secwepemc learners and speakers in other communities.
The power of the oral tradition comes through the dynamic retellings of stories that reflect a people’s history, knowledge, and values to younger generations, thereby ensuring the continuity of culture.  This research will not only make a valuable contribution to preserving Secwepemc history and language, but also will help in language regeneration through the creation of language teaching resources that help children connect to their history.


Elders Stories & Biographies

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Ethel Billy

Secwepemc Elder Ethel Billy te Cstelen ne Secwepemculecw

Anne Michel

Secwepemc Elder Anna Michel te Cstelen ne Secwepemculecw

Lawrence Michel

Secwepemc Elder Lawrence Michel te Cstelen ne Secwepemculecw.

Lucy Williams

Secwepemc Elder Lucy Williams te Sxwitsmellp ne Secwepemculecw

Flora Sampson

Secwepemc Elder Flora Samson te Cstelen ne Secwepemculecw.

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